Dimitris Kamenos

Dimitris Kamenos was born in 1976. He holds degrees in both Greek Literature and History from the University of Athens. His work as writer and illustrator started appearing in various newspapers, TV and radio shows since the early ‘00s.

Kamenos is currently collaborating with the Greek comic book magazine BLUE COMET, having published two comic book stories under the titles “Ballad Of The Seventh Sphere” and “Crime In Anapli” (the second based on a short story by Yannis Ragos).

His current projects include the comic strip “Mefisto” which appears in the weekly supplement KARE KARE of the EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON newspaper. It’s a humorous, free adaptation of Goethe’s classic work, where a weary Mephistopheles struggles to revitalize a selfish and hypochondriac Faust.

He also scripts and draws WORLD WAR SAPIENS, a historical fiction adventure which takes place in an alternate 1939. Homo Sapiens share the planet with the Neanderthals and other human species, although their coexistence is anything but peaceful. The first WWS book that follows the adventures of the Necromancer Arthur Barrett, was printed by Jemma Press, while a second one is prepared and due for next year.

The five issues of HOMO, which precede the events of WWS, are available by the same publisher.

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