Dimitris Koskinas

Dimitris Koskinas was born and lives in Athens. He studied Graphic Design and then continued his studies in London, where he earned a BA in Design and a Masters in 3d Animation.

Dimitris is a professional painter, registered with the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts, with exhibitions in several countries, and his work has been featured by the BBC. He has worked for several advertising agencies and publishers, as an illustrator and graphic designer. Furthermore, he has had the role of lead artist at the legendary game THESEIS, and has taught Graphic Design in private institutions.

Since the year 2013, Dimitris has been working exclusively as a painter and comic artist, and in 2018 he published the comic series DARK SECRETS. His technique is based on the traditional ink wash style of the renaissance, using only black ink.

He is a devoted comic reader and collector, and a committed cinephile.

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