Evgenia Koumaki

I was born in 1990. The doctors did not realize in time that in my veins flowed ink instead of blood, and when they did, it was already too late – I had my mind set on being an artist. After lots of ink, sweat, and tears, I now have under my belt the following achievements: A honours B.A. in comic-cartoon-animation, various self-publications, pencil art for a story in WOMANTHOLOGY by IDW, participation in live sketching events and intrigues, art for backdrops for the concert hall musical KISS ME KATE, and my personal comic THE GREAT COFFEE CONSPIRACY for Comicdom Press, i.e., my first personal issue except for teen angst.

For the time being, I’m sketching on the side of my world domination plans, while drinking coffee and wondering why on earth not enough people know about the flamboyant cuttlefish.

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