John Nikolouzos

John Nikolouzos studied Animation at Humberside University and spent a year studying Comics at the Ornerakis School Of Arts, after winning an annual scholarship through a comic book competition. Like a snow leopard, only fatter, less hairy, and a bit more human, he is not often seen and even more rarely mentioned in the comics community, and that’s the way he likes it as he stealthily makes comics and illustrations for various sources in Greece and overseas.

His most recent works include coloring various issues of OLILOVES and fully illustrating the children’s book THE SEEDLESS TREES. He spends the rest of his time hating people at his horrible day job and learning stupid sounding musical instruments well enough to amuse himself and annoy others.

EARTH PLUS is his first attempt at his own comic creation, strictly for adults of questionable taste. It left him with an unhealthy thirst for more, which cannot be quenched by anything other than making more comics, so he’s working on more titles, if fate ever decides to give him more time.

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