Kostas Fragiadakis (Mythos)

Kostas was born in 1969, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and studied Nursing at the University of Athens. In the last 20 years, he has drawn a great number of comic in a variety of genres (epic fantasy adventures, sci-fi, erotic, fairytales, westerns, etc.) published by various Greek publishers. He has also illustrated children’s books and medical journals and has participated in various comics projects as a translator, letterer, editor, etc., as well as many comics exhibitions and conventions.

Recently, he has drawn comic adventures of the legendary hero IL GRANDE BLEK that were also translated and published in Italy, and the famous Greek comic heroes MIKROS HEROS, and MIKROS SERIFIS for Greek publishers. In 2016, his graphic novel about the Greek financial crisis, TETRAKOSARIS, was published by Mikros Heros Publications, and since 2014 he is also illustrating a number of children fairytales, written by Aris Daglas and published by Livanis Publications.

His latest project, is the illustration of the adventures of some of the most famous Greek heroes that were created by the legendary publisher Stelios Anemodouras, and will be publiced in an anthology book that is dedicated to him.

He lives in Athens with his wife and his son. You can check out his work at his personal website, or his Facebook page.

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