Kostas Pantoulas

Kostas Pantoulas was born in Athens, in 1984. Gifted with a talent for painting and drawing, he attended freehand drawing workshops and graduated from Spyros Ornerakis’s Art School. From there on, he began his professional career as an illustrator, making front covers and posters for magazines, theater plays and concerts, while also studying in Athens’ School of Fine Arts (in the sculpting department).

Moreover, he still occupies himself with other activities in the field of visual arts, such as assuming the role of art director in short film productions. Despite the above, his main goal is to maintain an active presence in the field of comic books, having already self-published the SOLDIER KANE magazine, distributed in newspaper stores and bookstores, a series that was completed in five issues from 2008 to 2010.

He illustrated (for two years) the covers of collectible vinyl records for the “Gerontopeismata” line of records, supported by Music Corner and Menta 88 FM, an initiative brought forward by the singer, lyricist and composer Dimitris Karas, featuring the participation of many singers and musicians (V. Papakonstantinou, S. Malamas, V. Karras, G. Kotsiras, A. Ketime and many others), while his activity in comics continues through his website, where, since 2012, he publishes webcomics, featuring stories of heroes such as MR. FOX (scripted and drawn by K. Pantoulas) and METAL GIRL (drawn my K. Pantoulas and scripted by Stefanos Papadimitriou).

In 2014, he collaborated with the Brazilian sculptor Marcus Deleo and his associate Valerio Isakov, in the “Platinum Dolls” figures project. In 2015, he became the penciller of the ELECTROMAGNATE comic book series, in a script by John Rapacciuolo, for Annadale Comics. In 2015-2016, he adapted in comic book form, two unfilmed LOST IS SPACE scripts, written by Carey Wilber (writer and creator of Khan from STAR TREK) which were intended for the 3rd season of the series than never aired. They were published by American Gothic Press/Famous Monsters, under the title IRWIN ALLEN’S LOST IN SPACE: THE LOST ADVENTURES (script: Holly Interlandi, colors: Patrick McEvoy). Lastly, he works on spin-off stories, for the Ukrainian webcomics UPTOWN CHRONICLES’ (script: Richard Mooney) a collaboration between Transparency International & Cheil.

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