Sophia Spyrliadou

Sophia Spyrliadou was born in 1983. She holds a degree in Architecture from the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and is currently a student of the School of Fine Arts at the same institution. She lives and works in Salonika as a freelance architect, as well as an Art and Comic Book Teacher.

Ever since 2004, whence she began to actively draw comic books, she has participated in various exhibitions of the Student’s Week of the AUTH, as well as in other group projects. She is very fond of fanzines, having published many of them during her career.

However, the one that stands out is FROGS &  DOGS, an anthology of one-shot fairytale-like stories, which incorporate horror elements, which she co-founded with Christine and Stavroula Anthiropoulou, in 2005. Lately, FROGS &  DOGS has turned into a magazine and is published by Jemma Press.

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