Thanasis Karampalios

Thanasis Karampalios was born in 1983 at Palaiokastro a small village in the province of Elassona. In 2007, he studied at Vaggelis Matziris’ comic school, Comink, in Thessaloniki.

His first work is the inaugural first volume of the series 1800, titled FATHER, which is published by Jemma Press. It is a fiction story about the greek reality in the early 19th Century, a period full of heroes and events with great historical interest. The next two albums of the series 1800 will be released in 2019.

In 2018, he participated at the Comic ‘n’ Play exhibition with the subject “radio silence” and in 2019, he participated at the Campaign “Give Them An X – The Black Map of Athens”,  a joint initiative by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and HumanRights360.

He lives and works in Larissa.

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