Comic Book Legends: True Or False?

20:45 - 21:30
Hellenic American Union
Seminar Room 6th

An industry with such a rich history is definitely full of events that defined its course, publications and creators which changed the face of comics forever and, of course, legends… Lots of legends! Rumors, anecdotal stories, and incidents that are transmitted by word of mouth, can easily create myths and crash reputations, while we continue our unsuspecting turning of comics pages!

How many of those legends do you know? Can you unequivocally swear that something is true or false? Or are you one of those people who just buy every story told to them? Play the “Comic Book Legends: True Or False?” game, win a unique prize and leave the others, naive trusting fools that they are, in the dust!

Storytellers: Dimitris Sakaridis & Gabriel Tombalidis

Host: Thomas Papadimitropoulos

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