Comicdom’s Ultimate Game Show

18:30 - 20:30
Hellenic American Union

Three 3-member teams assisted by three Greek comics creators, in the ultimate trivia game! Which team will prove they know more about comics, through answering questions, playing charades, identifying sound clips, and avoiding using the taboo words? Which team will win the three iPhone 7?

Register your team for Comicdom’s Ultimate Game Show, during the three days of the festival (starting Friday at a.m. and ending Sunday at 2 p.m.), at the Comicdom Con Athens 2018 main front desk (Hellenic American Union), advance to the final, collaborate with a Greek comics artist and prove you truly possess the ultimate comics knowledge!

Team Captains: Ilias Kyriazis (cartoonist), Dimitris Savaidis (writer and publisher), Vassilis Hillas (writer)

Hosts: Vassilia Vaxevali, George Xydis

The event is sponsored by Vodafone CU

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