Will Eisner Centennial: Treasure Hunt 2017

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Street Event

In 2017, we celebrate 100 years since the birth of Will Eisner, one of the pioneer creators of 9th Art. To participate in the festivities, Comicdom Con Athens 2017 and Vodafone CU organize a Treasure Hunt, with cool prizes for the visitors of the Con!

Find the cards with Will Eisner’s photos and quotes, which will be hidden in various places all over the Comicdom Con Athens 2017 venues (Hellenic American Union, French Institute) on April 7-9, hand them over at the CU Corner in front of the Hellenic Ameican Union Building and win the following prizes:

  • Deliver 1 card and win 2GB data for your CU number*!
  • Deliver 4 cards and win 1 issue of “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” (Dynamite Entertainment)!
  • Deliver 8 cards and win 1 graphic novel “Minor Miracles” by Will Eisner (W.W. Norton & Company)!
  • Deliver 10 cards and win 10GB data for your CU number*!
  • Deliver 15 cards and win 20GB data for your CU number*!
*Exclusively for Vodafone CU subscribers


Rules and regulations:

  • The duration of the contest (“Treasure Hunt”) is set between 11 a.m. on April 7, 2017 and 8 p.m. April 9, 2017.
  • Excluded from the contest are all employees of companies related to the VODAFONE group, as well all their first and second degree relatives and spouses.
  • Contestants can only participate once and only once in the Treasure Hunt 2017. Finding one or more of the hidden cards, they can either “cash them in” and receive the corresponding prize, therefore finishing their participation in the game, or keep them and continue searching for more, in order to claim even bigger prizes. For example, one player CANNOT deliver 5 cards and claim both an issue of Will Eisner’s The Spirit and 2GB data for their CU number.
  • Contestants are free to keep the cards they have collected in one day (for example, Friday April 7) and continue on the Treasure Hunt the next day (for example Saturday April 8), in order to claim bigger prizes.
  • The contestants who find the cards must deliver the exact number for the prize they claim, at the CU Corner in front of the Hellenic American Union Building, during the three days of the Con. The cards cannot be exchanged or “cashed in” after the official end of the contest, at 8 p.m. Sunday April 9.
  • The data prizes can only be won by Vodafone CU subscribers.
  • The issues of “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” are random and the organizers cannot guarantee contestants receiving any specific issue (for example, “Will Eisner’s The Spirit #1”).
  • To “cash in” the cards that claim data prizes, contestants will need to provide contact information (full name & CU number). To “cash in” the cards that claim other prizes, contestants will need to provide contact information (full name & phone number).
  • The number of hidden cards will be renewed on a daily basis, so that all visitors of the Con will have an equal chance of winning.
  • The period of usage for data prizes is set at 30 calendar days after being credited on the winner’s CU number.

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