The Greek Character Concept

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It was 2006, when Comicdom Con Athens appeared – as if out of nowhere – on the city’s festival circuit, being the first event in Athens dedicated exclusively to comics and their culture.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Greece was a main source of inspiration for out international guests, which resulted in many of the illustrations that they did exclusively for the Con, featuring characters and motifs that can be considered trademarks of Greek culture.

From living legend Milo Manara’s breathtaking nymph to Marvel Universe’s Greek characters as drawn by Barry Kitson, and from Emanuela Lupacchino’s Wonder Woman to Mark Buckingham’s Chimera, this year’s outdoors exhibition mentally connects the two venues of Comicdom Con Athens 2017.

The exhibition is composed of works by Mark Buckingham, Barry Kitson, Sonia Leong, Emanuela Lupacchino, Milo Manara, Kate Niemczyk, Christina Plaka, John Romita Jr. and Bill Tucci.

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