History Repeating (?)

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L’Institut Français de Grèce
Café Paris - Athènes

In the turbulent and uncertain times we live in, there are some who detect repeating patterns of the social, political and economic past, while others believe in the uniqueness of the circumstances, maintaining that is is wrong to have preconceived notions about any future developments.

In this exhibition, Greek cartoonists and illustrators are called to respond to its title, approaching it according to their personal interests, worries and pursuits.

The “History Repeating (?)” exhibition presents one and two-page comics by Dimitra Adamopoulou, Manos Ganas and Apostolis Ioannou, Spiros Derveniotis, Giorgos Doutsiopoulos, Tasos Zafiriadis and Tomek, Panos Zaharis, Elias Katirtzigianoglou and Panagiotis Tsaousis, Konstantinos Papamihalopoulos, Vassislis Hillas and Elena Gogou, and John Antono.

Art Direction: Elias Katirtzigianoglou

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