The 4th Wall

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The so-called “breaking of the 4th wall” is a hugely popular phenomenon in comics. It refers to situations where a character seemingly realizes that he is part of an imaginary story and either addresses the readers directly, or tries to influence the outcome of the story, by talking to the writer or artist.

Deadpool is probably the best-known comics character that constantly appears to break the 4th wall. Sometimes, he is even aware of his own word balloons while he talks!

Refusing to restrict their inspiration to the expected three dimensions, Evan Androutsopoulos, Korinna Mei Veropoulou, Melandros Ganas & Lefteris Giakoumakis, Dani, Vera Kartalou & Panagiotis Tsaousis, Elias Katirtzigianoglou & George Doutsiopoulos, Eugenia Koumaki, Andreas Michailidis, Valia Kapadai & Παύλος Παυλίδης, Giorgos Botsos και Yannis Rubulias, create one and two-page stories that shatter the borders between fantasy and reality.

Artistic Director: Elias Katirtzigianoglou

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