The Drink & Draw Experience

All days
L’Institut Français de Grèce
Café Paris - Athènes

Comic artists and illustrators, various art tools, lots of drawing papers, loud music, tons of alcohol…

The Drink & Draw Events started in Los Angeles, in 2005, and to this day they have spread all over the world, wherever art communities exist.

This exhibition features some of the most interesting art pieces created during the events that Comicdom organized the last few years, in Athens, fueled by the trifecta of alcohol, spontaneity, and good fun that characterizes Drink & Draw Events.

Participants: Spiros Derveniotis, Michael Dialynas, Tomek Giovanis, George Kabadais, Dimitris Kasdaglis, George Komiotis, Ilias Kyriazis, Manos Lagouvardos, Lefteris Mavrogiannis, Alexia Othonaiou, Gavriil Pagonis, Tasos Papaioannou, Konstantinos Sklavenitis, Nikolas Stefadouros.

Artistic Director: Manos Nomikos

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