Nicolas de Crécy

He made his debut in 1987 with BUG JARGAL, the adaptation of a work by Victor Hugo, in collaboration with Sylvain Chomet. Then, he worked for two years in the French Walt Disney Studios and created FOLIGATTO, a comic based on an Alexios Tjoyas script (Humanoïdes Associés, 1991), which established him as one of the most significant new creators of his generation.

In 1995, he collaborated once again with Chomet to create LEON LA CAME, for À SUIVRE magazine, a masterful satire of post-industrial society and neo-liberal madness. The first part of the LEON LA CAME trilogy was followed by LAID, PAUVRE ET MALADE, and PRIEZ POUR NOUS.

He also worked on Chomet’s feature film LA VIEILLE DAME ET LES PIGEONS (1998), created the MONSIEUR FRUIT series (Seuil, 1995-1996), the baroque fantasy work BIBENDUM CELESTE (1994-2002), the pantomime-comic PROSOPOPUS (Dupuis, 2003), and the quirky funny animal series SALVATORE (Dupuis, 2005-2010), which was also nominated for an Eisner award. In 2015, he created the futuristic PERIODE GLACIAIRE for Futuropolis and the Louvre Museum, and in 2007, JOURNAL D’UN FANTOME for the same publisher.

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