Anthologies: A Bouquet Full Of Comics!

14:45 - 16:15
Hellenic American Union

Anthologies are a huge deal in the world of comics, as they offer creators the opportunity experiment and give the readers a chance to meet new talents and lose themselves in a smorgasbord of shorter stories. As with any aspect of the Medium, they feature their own challenges and have different demands, not only from creators but also from those who have the burden of editing them.

In this panel discussion, people with lots of experience in anthologies will examine the subject and reveal what specific demands a successful anthology has.

Participants: Bill Kartalopoulos (anthology editor), Richard McGuire (cartoonist), Kai Pfeiffer (cartoonist), Tasos Zafiriadis (cartoonist and anthology editor)

Moderator: Thomas Papadimitropoulos

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