Comics In 2018 Greece

17:00 - 18:30
L’Institut Français de Grèce

What is creating and publishing comics in 2018 Greece like? The challenges of the day to day crisis are certainly interesting, but could it be that they’re just to hard to overcome? Or are all those particularities simply a chance to find new opportunities? In the end, what are the things that inspire, please, frustrate and toughen comics professionals and those who wish to join them in the industry?

The above will be discussed by members of the Greek comics scene, who are all expected to do what they love most, in spite of the obstacles presented in 2018 Greece.

Participants: Avgi Kanaki (comics artist), Soloup (cartoonist), Konstantinos Moschonas (cartoonist), Dimitris Savaidis (writer and publisher), Nikos Kambouropoulos (publisher)

Moderator: Thomas Papadimitropoulos

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