Comics Reinvented! Evolution In Comics

16:30 - 18:00
Hellenic American Union

Evolve or die! A rolling stone gathers no moss! And plenty of other phrases which lead to one conclusion: if you don’t evolve, you will be cast aside! The comics industry knows this well and that’s why it always makes sure to stay modern and up to date. But how does it succeed in doing that, in a world ruled by the internet and social media, competing against blockbuster movies, and fulfilling the constant need for new heroes and new technologies?

Creators from different corners of the world will talk about the renewal and evolution of comics, the new standards that are set, and the paths that the 9th Art must follow in the future.

Participant: Si Spurrier (comics writer), Roger Langridge (cartoonist), Sümeyye Kesgin (comics artist), Anna Haifisch (cartoonist), Dimitrios Mastoros (cartoonist)

Moderator: Thomas Papadimitropoulos

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