Diversity And Political Correctness In Comics

15:45 - 17:15
L’Institut Français de Grèce

Tons of digital ink have been spilled in blogs, fora, and social media, regarding this topic. Manara’s sexy superheroines, Frank Cho’s covers, Batwoman sexual preference, Ms. Marvel’s religion, are only some of the issues that have sparked a huge round of discussions and debates. Is there sufficient representation of all kinds of people in the world of comics? How are they depicted, with regards to their gender, ethnicity, and preferences? Is political correctness an example of a civilized society, or just another form of censorship?

These and plenty of other questions will be tackled during this open discussion, about a topic that even though is hard to define, it remains in the epicenter of people perception of comics and Art.

Participants: Manolis Vamvounis (comics writer, culture blogger), Elena Gogou (cartoonist), Dimitris Kamenos (cartoonist), Eugenia Koumaki (cartoonist), Christos Stamboulis (cartoonist)

Moderator: Aristidis Kotsis

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