Foam vs Thermoplastics – Let’s Talk About That

17:45 - 19:15
Hellenic American Union
Seminar Room 4th

It was love at first sight. You saw the armor and immediately thought “I’m gonna make that!” You took a deep breath, did your research, and now you’re left wondering: “Foam or thermoplastics? Thermoplastics or foam? WHICH ONE SHOULD I CHOOSE???” You’re having nightmares at night, you feel like you’re losing your mind!

Take another deep breath. Everything will be alright, because it’s time for all your questions to be answered. Even the ones you never thought to ask.

We will talk about tools, techniques, pros and cons of each material, and you are sure to learn something, whether you’re a beginner or you have multiple hot glue burns on your body. Is there really one perfect material which is ideal for all crafters and every preference? And if so, which is it? Sharpen your swords and clean your shields, because this battle will be to the end.

Foam will be represented by Iron Forge, who’s been using it since 2015 to create everything from small props to huge armors, and on the side of thermoplastics will be Abyss Arts & Crafts, who does not discriminate, but admits to having a soft spot for worbla ever since she used it for her first armor.

The discussion will be moderated by Geo Kuromi.

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