New Publication Spotlight: The Cloud

19:00 - 19:45
Hellenic American Union
Seminar Room 4th

“What is a wish?”

This is the question that a boy and his flying wolf must answer. THE CLOUD is a beautiful and, at times, touhing journey of a reluctant hero, who is forced to go through a parade of colorful characters. It is an adventure of internal search, where the boy must learn that he can’t or shouldn’t have all his wishes come true.

The creators of this wonderful fairy tale, K.I. Zachopoulos & Vincenzo Balzano, will visit Comicdom Con Athens 2017 to present, for the first time in front of a Greek audience, their comic, which is published in Greek by Webcomics publications.

Participants: K.I. Zachopoulos (writer), Vincenzo Balzano (artist)

Moderator: Nikos Kambouropoulos (publisher, Webcomics)

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