The Ethics Of Superheroes

18:00 - 19:30
Hellenic American Union

We grew up (and still do) reading the tales of our favorite superheroes, which entertained us, but also made us identify with the characters and view them us role models. Put if we take a closer look at the value system of each superhero, we soon realize that their views and perceptions can have various interpretations, many of which are not that positive.

With that in mind, it makes sense that they often come to bouts with one another due to their different views (e.g. CIVIL WAR), or are even conflicted within themselves, when they are faced with a crucial decision.

In this discussion, we will not only examine the classic superheroes but also take a look at alternative superhero interpretations. Mostly in the latter, we will be assisted by Tasos Theofilou, with his critical examination of Batman through the FAREWELL BATMAN comic book, as well as other pop culture figures, and Petros Christoulias with his Captain Bat character, who operates in post-Civil War Greece, finding out that putting a classic superhero archetype in such an unusual setting, highlights moral issues and the subject of cultural differences.

Participants: Tasos Theofilou (author), Petros Christoulias (cartoonist), Nikos Giakoumelos (Smassing Culture writer)

Moderator: Aristidis Kotsis

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