Models And Mock-Ups In American Cinema

Dimitris Kaliviotis
Model Designer
16:00 - 17:30
Hellenic American Union
Seminar Room 4th

How do 3D models work in the context of modern cinema and 3D animation? How is the analog work incorporated in a digital production, providing a unique and special experience for the audience? What kind of knowledge and crafts on analog creation are essential for an animation creator and why?

The Greek SAE Animation Department, in collaboration with Comicdom Con Athens, organizes a presentation by SAE Creative Media College lecturer and internationally renowned model designer Dimitris Kaliviotis.

Delving into the knowledge he accumulated from working on Hollywood blockbusters, Dimitris Kaliviotis will discuss the part hand-made mock-ups play in the digital era. Using videos, artifacts, images, and narrating based on his experience on working on films such as THE FOUNTAIN, 300, A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, TAKING LIVES, and THE MUMMY III, he will analyze the role of crafted objects (miniatures, props, concept models etc.) and how they co-exist with digital tools and digital images. Furthermore, he will also analyze the role of crafting in the creative fields, presenting examples from his work with game and advertising companies.

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