Turn Around At Meeting Point: 4 Panels, 2 Artists, 1 Encounter

Kai Pfeiffer
16:00 - 18:45
Hellenic American Union
Seminar Room 4th

A fun little graphic storytelling exercise in a bit under three hours! Each participant is going to draw one black & white comics page with four panels… but there is a little twist, to be revealed during the workshop! The main purpose of the exercise is to give ourselves over to the very basis of engaging storytelling or art in general: Contrast – and its close cousin: Surprise. Ideally, this also means the surprise of the artists themselves…

Before and during the workshop, Kai Pfeiffer is going to present and discuss aspects of his working process and different, evolving concepts, with special regard to artistic collaborations.

Drawing materials will be provided to the participants for the workshop, but they are also welcome to bring their own. They are also free to bring your own comics (finished or work in progress) or sketchbooks, if they like to discuss them.

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