Georgia Zachari

Georgia Zachari was born in Athens in 1994 and she’s been living, reading and drawing in the same city ever since. She studied History of Art at the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she wrote her final project on Greek comics and the representation of urban landscapes.

She started showing her own comics to the world in 2017, and in 2018 she won the greek comics award for Best Upcoming Artist. Since then, she’s self published five volumes (XEMATIASMA, BACK HOME(S), THE EMBROIDERY MANUAL FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, and the collective SMUT COMIC), has drawn and written stories for BLUE COMET magazine and worked with Giorgos Goussis and Panayiotis Pantazis on FESTIVAL, the comic book for the 60th anniversary of the International Thessaloniki Film Festival.

She likes drawing cities and food, telling stories about bad dates and the end of the world, and aspires to one day make a comic about the History of Art (maybe in correlation with urban landscapes).

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