Nikos Milioris

Nikos Milioris was born in Athens, in 1970. He studied graphic arts at the PETRA school and is working in comics, both writing and drawing them. He has collaborated with POP&ROCK magazine, ELEFTHEROTYPIA’s “9” insert, FUTURA magazine, Εχει συνεργαστεί ως δημιουργός comics με το περιοδικο ΠΟΠ&ΡΟΚ, το ένθετο “9” της ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑΣ, το περιοδικό FUTURA, Ellinika Grammata Publications, et al.

He has published the graphic novels TEDDYBEAR (Futura, 1999), WHEN HER WINGS SHOWED (Futura, 2002), THE CHRONICLES OF FEVER (Enati Diastasi, 2012), (SUB)GARDEN PARTY (self-published, 2014), DJSMO’48 (self-published, 2016), DJSMO’48 (Anatypo Publications, 2018), FOR SNOW WHITE MOTHERSTAR (novel – Anatypo Publications, 2018).

You can check out his work in the following blogs: