Thanos Kollias

Thanos Kollias reads, collects and draws comics ever since he was very young. At a young age, he had some of his drawings published in the pages of the Greek SPIDER-MAN. He also took part in competitions organized by SUPER SPIDER-MAN and NEMESIS, with notable success.

After completing a two-year scholarship study program on drawing comics, he began a long partnership with writer and friend Vassilis Chilas, starting with the historic YPSILON, the first Greek superhero comic book (Soul Twinkles Publications). The collaboration continued in MICHALIS PONTIKAS and LOKAR. After a rather long break, he returned to the spotlight as artist of the superhero comic book AIONIUS (Phase Productions Publications), also written by Vassilis.

The most special point of his comics career has been the recent comic book revival of the legendary HYPERMAN (created by Stelios Anemodouras, Mikros Iros Publications), as writer-artist.

Thanos is a Piraeus-born resident of Kaissariani, is married and has one son. He works for the biggest Telecom Company in Greece.

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