Continuity Vs Relaunch

19:30 - 20:30
Hellenic American Union

– Ever since relaunches and reboots started, the joy of reading comics has been slowly dying.
– Yeah, right… I suppose you think that back when you needed to have read 867 different stories just to figure out what’s going on, it was much better!
– But, is there a bigger joy than watching your favorite characters growing up and maturing?
– Maturing? We’re not discussing wines here, sir! When you’re buying a comic book, you should know what you’re about to read and not failing to recognize any of the heroes!
– You really are full of it, sir!
– Same to you, sir!

Somewhat like that, but hopefully with more rational arguments and historical references and analyses on the comics themselves, Dimitris Sakaridis and Antonis Antoniadis will attempt to answer an age old dilemma for comics readers. Is it better to have continuity in a character’s publishing history or does that inevitably lead to stagnation and fatigue, making a relaunch or reboot simply necessary?

We hope we can see you there to hear your own opinions on the matter!

Presentation: Antonis Antoniadis & Dimitris Sakaridis

As with all events taking place in the Hellenic American Union, no one will be allowed to enter this event without a vaccination or disease certificate (for adults) or a self test statement (for minors).

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