Current Events Through Editorial Cartooning

16:30 - 18:00
Hellenic American Union

It truly is one of the first things we notice when we start reading the current affairs in the paper. The humorous commentary by a cartoon can give the essence of a topic’s approach by the Media. It is an art form that requires being smart, alert, and able to look beyond the obvious.

How easy is it to capture current events in a single panel cartoon? Are there any red lines, delicate balances or forbidden topics? Can censorship really deter satirical commentary or does it make a fool of itself? We search for the answers in these and many other questions, with the help of two Greek editorial cartoonists.

Participants: Panos Zaharis (editorial cartoonist, comics creator), Konstantinos Sklavenitis (editorial cartoonist, comics creator), Ionas Aggelis (Smassing Culture, Comic Cultura)

Moderator: Panos Papageorgiou

As with all events taking place in the Hellenic American Union, no one will be allowed to enter this event without a vaccination or disease certificate (for adults) or a self test statement (for minors).

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