These Are The Comics We Grew Up With!

15:30 - 17:00
Hellenic American Union

Those of us of who are currently 35 or older, experienced comics as something more than simply “something to read in your free time”. For kids in the 70s and 80s, titles like MICKEY MOUSE, POPEYE, AGORI, and BLEK if you were a boy, or MANINA and KATERINA if you were a girl, were a parallel world within which the children of the era built their dreams and lives.

Six people from the comics scene, cartoonists Nikos Koutsis, Gabriel Tombalidis, Kostas Fragiadakis, Nikolas Stefadouros, researcher/columnist Nikos Nikolaidis, and publisher Leokratis Anemodouras, take us on a trip that begins in that magic era and comes all the way up to the present day!

As with all events taking place in the Hellenic American Union, no one will be allowed to enter this event without a vaccination or disease certificate (for adults) or a self test statement (for minors).

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