War (What Is It Good For?) – War And Comics

14:30 - 16:00
Hellenic American Union

The topic of war is (unfortunately) once again topical these days, but it has never really stop occupying the thoughts and minds of comics creators. Either in action-packed war adventure stories, anti-war masterpieces that show a realistic view of its horrors, or timely panel/editorial cartoons, humanity’s inhuman way of slipliding to mindless violence has always been documented in comics.

Find out more about the relationship between comics and war and be a part of a discussion about the different.. . schools with regards to the various approaches towards a phenomenon that will never stop troubling us, one way or the other.

Patricipants: Aristidis Kotsis (writer Comicdom.gr), Panos Kritikos (comics publisher), Thanassis Petrou (cartoonist)

Moderator: Thomas Papadimitropoulos

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