The Knight’s Hart

15:00 - 15:30
Hellenic American Union


Duration: 30 minutes

Language: Greek

Subtitles: English

Production: Sierra Studios

Director: Vivi Markatos

Παραγωγός: Christos Achladiotis

Voice work by: Voula Kosta, Takis Sakellariou, Vassilis Milios, Christos Intzeoglou, Tasos Tziviskos, Irene Aspioti

Original Score: Composed by Penelope Bekiari and Vassilis Konstantinakos

Original song: Performed by Irene Aspioti, title “Knight”

Col, a young farm boy, dreams of becoming a knight! On his journey he will meet a colourful cast of characters.

Will Col have the courage to face his fears, and prove he has what it takes to be a knight?

According to the director “This film is a children’s fairytale come to life. Through this work, we wanted to maintain the childlike quality of our audience and openly discuss the strength and value of having goals and dreams in our lives. Each person’s dream is different. But the recipe to realize them is universal. Keep on chasing it until you make it happen!”

After the screening, the young members of the audience visitors will have the opportunity to meet Vivi Markatos, illustrator and writer/director of the film, as well as Voula Kosta, the actress who lends her voice to the protagonist, also known as the voice of Ash Ketchum from the Greek version of Pokemon.

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Awards and Nominations:

Beyond The Curve International Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Berlin Indie Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Kiez Berlin Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Frankfurt Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Berlin International Art Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animation)

Delta International Film Festival

Award Winner (Best Animated Film)


Award Winner (Best Animation)

Sevilla Indie Film Festival

Best Original Score

Cannes World Film Festival

Nominee (Best Animation)

Film Olympiad

2nd Place (Best Animation & Best SFX)

Masters of Cinema (Moc)

Honourable Mention

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