Comicdom Con Athens 2009

This year was dedicated to superheroes and their enemies! From the “Superhero Experience” exhibition that was hosted in Ghikas Gallery, to the guest list, including two powerhouses of the genre, the Convention was all about super powers, tights and heroic acts.

The event was honored by the presence of Marv Wolfman, writer of – among others- CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and TOMB OF DRACULA, and Barry Kitson, artist on a number of superhero titles, like AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, L.E.G.I.O.N., BATMAN and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. The two guests revealed some of their trade secrets through their participation in specialized workshops, as well as meeting their fans while signing and sketching for them.

The “Superhero Experience” exhibition brought to life the colorful world of superhero comics, by spotlighting the most popular superheroes and villains to public, while also presenting a comprehensive history of the genre, through its turning points and key moments. The exhibition was supported by original works by twelve Greek cartoonists. Kon Chrisoulis, Petros Christoulias, Mike Dialynas, Yiorgos Dimitriou, Yiorgos Komiotis, Nikos Koutsis, Kostas Kyriakakis, Yannis Rouboulias, Harry Saxon, Gavriil Tobalidis, Thanassis Tsilis and Petros Zervos gave their own unique points of view to the heroes and villains they chose to depict.

This year proved that Comicdom Con Athens keeps getting better all the time! This is evidenced by the larger, so far, number of visitors. During the two days of the convention, almost 7000 people visited the main building of the Hellenic-American Union. They wandered through the bazaar, saw the exhibition, and participated many events and panels, like “Draw The World Together”, “Who Watches The Craftsmen?” and the Greek publishers discussion. There also was a significant increase in the number of child visitors, mostly because of the dedicated children’s workshops organized and hosted by cartoonist and illustrator Kostas Kyriakakis.

  • Date: April 11-12 2009
  • International guests: Marv Wolfman, Barry Kitson
  • Yannis Rouboulias illustrated the poster (colors by Harry Saxon)
  • Barry Kitson illustrated the catalog cover (colors by Harry Saxon)
  • Click here to see the winners of this year’s Comicdom Awards

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