Comicdom Con Athens 2010

Five years of Comicdom Con Athens! The first significant anniversary of our Con, and finally, what once seemed like a far-fetched dream had become an industry standard. For the first time, the Con lasted three days, a move that was greeted with enthusiasm by the audience and all participants. The event won much acclaim by the presence of legendary superhero artist John Romita Jr., but was slightly hurt by the unexpected absence of popular British writer Mike Carey, due to unforeseen natural phenomena (volcanic ash from Iceland), which froze all air transportation for days.

Besides Romita, the Con was lucky enough to welcome acclaimed British artist and colorist D’ ISraeli and American artist Kyle Hotz (a guest of  Jemma Press). The three guests revealed some of their trade secrets through their participation in specialized workshops, as well as meeting their fans while signing and sketching for them.

This year’s exhibition, “From The Yellow Kid To Conan”, which featured original art from the whole spectrum of American Comics History, was presented for the first time in Europe and gave the Greek audience the chance to enjoy a number of spectacular pages from some of the most important creators in the History of the Medium.

Despite all the difficulties, (aside from Mike Carey, a member of the Comicdom team was unable to fly from England due to the volcanic ash, and, as a result, we had to postpone one of our sketch events), the 2010 Convention was highly successful by all accounts. Thousands of people crowded the Hellenic-American Union main building (record attendance numbers, once again), which proved that Comicdom Con Athens has been established in the minds of the Greek audience. Our visitors wandered through the bazaar, saw the exhibition, and participated in many events and panels, like the open discussion on “Comics & Cinema” and the panel discussion on Greek comics, with the participation of seven Greek creators.

For another year, dozens of small children visited Comicdom Con Athens, to participate in our specially created workshops and events, by illustrator Kostas Kyriakakis and storytellerVassilia Vaksevani.

  • Date: April 18-20 2010
  • International Guests: John Romita Jr., D’ Israeli, Kyle Hotz
  • Mike Dialynas illustrated the poster
  • John Romita Jr. illustrated the catalog cover
  • Click here to see the winners of this year’s Comicdom Awards

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